Leadership Journey

Being a Life long Learner and nearing the end of my post graduate studies at the University of Cambridge during these challenging times has been extraordinary.

3 key lessons for me:

  • You are never too old to learn about sustainability and how we can make a difference here. For me it’s from a board perspective as Chairman of 3 commercial companies. I have learned that the board can have a positive impact on the journey an organisation in becoming purpose driven.
  • From a personal perspective I did not realise the urgency of climate risk and being sustainable in…

Hi Clare - completely agree that having one mentor or several over your career is critical element for success.

Well done on taking the step up and agree sharing is critical as this is a team work as a planet!

Thanks Melanie. Wishing you all the best as well. I have a feeling it's a life long journey. This is only the beginning :)

Do you think the standard setting are too complex and full of legal jargon that few people can follow/implement?

Summer 2021 in New Zealand and currently feel very luck to be here as I watch the global pandemic with concern…

To ensure that this planet is liveable, I hope that we get through the pandemic this year and can focus on rebulding in 2022.

As a leader, I have learned many things over the past 12 months and recognise that people come first. Their well being is critical for my organisation and for my personal life as well. Together and a focus on making the world sustainable is a win win for all of us. Social inequality is an…

Leadership journey continues …Part 5

I woke up this morning thinking about New Zealand’s role in the world around sustainability. People have asked me if it’s possible for this county to be the first in becoming environmentally sustainable.

It’s still a long way off but early signs look promising. It’s fine if we are not first but it would be great to amongst the first.

It will take courage. Being bold. Right legislation. Run better recycling. Product packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable etc.

People are critical in order to achieve this ambitious goal and a great first step would…

Waking up this morning and thinking about what New Zealand should do around sustainability and I my place as leader was top of mind.

My journey continues as I start my second year of part-time masters studies at the University of Cambridge on Sustainability Leadership.

So, what does this mean for NZ and me personally?

What can I personally do but also where the government has a critical role to play? These are my thoughts from my readings and research to date.

  • Our goods should be 100% recyclable where possible. …

My leadership Journey Part 3

Yvon Chouinard Founder of Patagonia continues to inspire me as a leader.

As said by Winston Churchill: Never waste a good crisis. For me leadership is a journey of continuous development in particular around self-awareness. As my wife reminds me, I am a work in progress :)

I am not letting our current global crisis go to waste but viewing the required changes to save our planet as a top priority for a business balancing sustainability and economics. Our team needs to be able to earn a living for necessities and some pleasure through great experiences. These do not need to be material.

Therefore, we have implemented a new element to our…

Unique Leadership (Getty Images)

My Leadership journey in 2020 Part 2

What is a leader? The leader has a long-term vision, picks the mountain, and motivates people toward a common cause. At Patagonia, leaders also take and shoulder risks. They not only inspire change but they also instigate change. Patagonia’s Vice President of Human Resources and Shared Services, Dean Carter.

As I continue my leadership journey in this extraordinary times, I thought I would reflect on the past 6 months. New Zealand is in an enviable place on the world stage as we continue about our business as usual with the only limitation being…

Henri Eliot

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